Regent’s Canal

Yesterday after work, I went to the British Library to stroll about in their collection of rare books–and got to see one of Jane Austen’s notes, as well as what are believed to be her spectacles. I then walked along Regent’s Canal, behind King’s Cross Station, because I’d heard about this bookshop on a barge called Word on the Water. book bargebook barge 2

I browsed for a while and then walked further along Regent’s Canal, stopping to sit for a while on some steps. Regents canalregents canal 2

Most of the walkway is roped off due to construction work, but there’s a floating walkway up right now. Kind of nerve-wracking when pedestrians and bicyclists were on it at the same time, and a barge passed at the same time!

Behind King’s Cross Station is also an old warehouse called the Granary, which has been revitalized recently as shops, restaurants, and office space. I found an Indian restaurant that was redolent of old cafes in Bombay. Had some very good lamb samosas and chicken tikka masala wrapped in naan bread.

Today was quiet; more work, followed by dinner at a new fish and chips shop I wanted to try that was very good. It’s run by a couple of nice young Italian guys in Notting Hill. Today at the gym, the news programs are concerned with the upcoming election in Britain.

I am currently re-reading an old childhood favorite: a collection of the first three books of the Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton. I bought it a few days ago at Foyles bookshop. Just as good as I remembered it!

malory towers



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